Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Great Twin Battle...

The following part was written last Saturday...
Well, good morning to all!! Happy Saturday!! It's a lovely 70 degrees right now in sunny Florida, the perfect day for the Gasparilla invasion! (If you don't know about Gasparilla, go here.)
Sorry I haven't blogged this week. It's been a little crazy around here, with rehersals and school and what not. (I also got a new guitar... but that's another post.)


There is a very important event occurring right now that you should know about.
First things first.
Okay, so this is Nikki.

This is me.

This is me and Nikki together. (with Kirsten in the back)

JK, better picture?

There we go. Much better.
Nikki and I look alike (we looked more alike a few years back, but deal) so we refer to each other as "Twin". I am her Twin, she is mine. Funny how the whole Twin thing works.
Okay, here's how it goes from there.
Nikki likes hippos.

I like penguins.

I know. We're an odd bunch.
Anyways, the other night, Nikki posts a status.
"I am madly in love with hippos"
That's great Nikki.
Well, I commented on it, eventually leading to this being posted on my wall.

I, of course, had to respond with this.

I also decided to show Nikki this really cool penguin that I got for Christmas...

And she responded with this:

Leading me to give her this:

Which rendered this respons from her:

And then, I pulled out the big guns:


I went there.

Now, according to Nikki, she gave me that Duct Tape. It's true, she did. But I got another roll for Christmas, and I don't see hippo Duct Tape anywhere, so I think it's safe to say that I won for now.

By the time you're all reading this, it'll be Nikki's birthday.

So Happy Birthday, my dearest Twin.

Happy Birthday.



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