Monday, February 25, 2013

Squirrelmagedon and such things...

Yeah, that's pretty much what life's been around here lately. The quirrels have been infesting our yard. There are about seven to eight of them in our front yard every day when we get home. It's kinda like that one David Crowder* Band video... Erie...

ANYWAYS This weekend was a lot of fun!!! We had our choir MPA, where we go and get graded on how well we sing, blend, etc. It's affectionately known as FVA MPA. Kinda rolls off the tounge.

Pretty sure this girl is cray...

Kirsten's giving Claire a variation of "the look". Or something like that.

My ever-lovely twin and I!!

OH AND We got straight Superiors!! (Which, by the way, is the best you can possibly do!)
Now aside from all the fun that ensued there...

Remember that prom dress shopping venture I was talking about in my last post? Yeah, that kinda came to an end this weekend!!!

I found the dress, guys! I found it!
Is the picture quality awful? Yes. Is my mirror a nasty hot mess? Yes. Is my room an even bigger hot mess? You bet. But THE DRESS!!! It fits perfectly everywhere!
But that's not even the best part.
Guess how much it was?
Okay, Okay, I'll tell you!!
Nope. You read that right. I got that pretty baby for a grand total of five bucks. Yeah Thrift Shops!!!
That's pretty much what my weekend entailed. That and writing a research paper. And watching the Oscars.
By the way, did anyone else see that awesome performance from the cast of Les Miserables?
Pretty epic.
So with that, I shall be off to a night filled with - you guessed it - MORE HOMEWORK!!!
Question of the Post: Psych is back in two days! Who's excited?!?!?! I AM!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weird Expensive Valentines...

What the Whaaaaaaat?

Yeah, about the title. Hold off on that for a second.

First, who gets the cone of shame for not for about a week? ME.

Ah, lo siento, mi amores. Life is life, and I can't control how much free time I have. And now there's this wonderful thing called a research paper.... yeah.

Second, to the title! It was honestly the best way to summarize my last week. Still confused? Let me explain.

For the Valentines: I think this might be self-explanatory, dear readers, as last week brought around Valentine's Day!!! Apparently, Chick-Fil-A makes heart shaped chicken biscuts for V-Day. Not complaining, not at all!!

Well, this year V-Day happened to fall on another big day aroung our school- Grandparent's Day! Now, the normal Grandparent's Day is actually in the fall, but we like to mix things up around here!
Meet my lovely clarinet section- all of whom apparently HATE mornings. Except Kirsten. Maybe she likes mornings. Nope. She just tolerates them.
For the Expensive: Can you say Four-Day-Weekend? YEAH! Us lucky duck kiddos got Friday off! So, La Madre and I decided to go shopping!
Oh come on. How can't you be jealous of this beautiful weather?
Seventy-Five Degrees outside? That's what I call a beautiful day!
Got my sunglasses on and I'm ready to take over the world!
We were looking for a prom dress (you can never start too early, right?) and found absolutely nothing (Unless you count the gorgeous, perfect dress I found online for WAAAAY our of my price range: hence the expensive). We found less success than the guys who tried to turn the lights back on right away at the Super Bowl. And let's face it, their success took a while.

The beautiful sunset!!

My thrift shop find: The original Star Wars trilogy on VHS, box set. Two bucks. Did Mom let me get it? Sadly, no. :( My inner Jedi would shed a tear, but we don't have a VHS player anyways...

AAAND The Weird: Ladies and Gentlemen, Salvador Dali. 'Nuff said. Today, as part of a Spanish field trip (...) we went to the Dali museum downtown. Looks like:
Oddly shaped right? Well, apparently, it's based off of THIS:
Which is the museum Dali himself had built to house his art. So the oddness (of the building at least) isn't completely random.
There's this tree out back where visitors (like myself!) can take off their wristbands, write a wish on them, and tie them to the tree. Of course, I did!
(Our Spanish teacher taking a picture. I'm really proud of this shot.)

Nikki's being a creep, as always. (I actually had her pose for this one!)
A bench based off of "The Persistence of Memory"
Then we went to the Taco Bus! It's a food truck, but they built a permanent spot for it to stay when it's not driving around. While others in out group weren't impressed, I was! My chicken quesadilla was great!!
Oh Sweet Babies. I turned into one of those people who takes pictures of their food all the time.
Well, I'll try to blog again sooner!! This week should be another eventful one, so hold on!
Question of the Post: Dali. Genius or Madman? Debate amongst yourselves!!
For Your Entertainment: Sarah Jessica Parker is now selling real estate. You're welcome.


Monday, February 11, 2013


WOW! Hi there! Long time no blog, etc...

Sorry. It's not on purpose I swear. It's just that I have this thing called life... maybe you're heard of it? It can get a little crazy.

But crazy can be fun!!

I won't even try to fill you in on the past, what? Three weeks? I'll just aim for last week.

Well, last Sunday, we went to church with some friends, and then, since it HAPPENED to be on the way and all... STARBUCKS!!!  
I decided to try something new. I was looking at the menu, and I was thinking "Hm. I love Green Tea. I love Frappucinos. I wonder..." So yes, I got a Green Tea Frappucino.

Guys, I have a new favorite Starbucks drink. It's this.
(On a side note, it always makes my day when they ask for your name to put on it!! It makes me feel special, like I'm a rockstar or something. Anyone else know that feeling?)

Anyhoo, the rest of last week was kinda uneventful. Until Saturday, that is...

To anyone in the Band/Choir world: Solo and Ensemble Weekend!! WHOO!
To those of you who have no idea what that is: It's pretty much when a bunch of band/choir kids (this time it was band kids) get together and play solos or ensembles then get graded on them. It's actually kinda fun. Stressful, but fun.

This was my trio! Lovely, aren't we?
Bowties For The Win!!!
(Another sidenote: I really like the way my bangs turned out!!
 I think I'm going to keep them for a loooong time!!)

I know this is cruel, but prepare to get jealous about my Saturday night. I made blackened catfish and watched Batman.

Now if that isn't a good time, I don't know what is!!
Batman reruns are on Saturday nights at 7. You better believe I watch them every week!!

Then Sunday night I got my crafty on, because this ever-lovely girl had a birthday!!!!
A bunch of of went out for dinner to celebrate! It was so much fun, just being with great friends and hanging out!
I went with a "Gold" theme for her gift. The inside of the card had lyrics from "Gold" by Owl City and was filled with Rolos and Werthers. Pretty creative, if I say so myself. :)
I wish I could say that today was really exciting. But nope. It was just another day back at school.
Well, other than the fact that I started my morning off with some Snapple Peach Tea!! Yeah!
                       (I know it's empty in the picture. I refill the bottle with water all day long.)

And then singing... in band?
Yep!! This Thursday is Grandparent's day, and the highschool band and choir sing the benediction at the end. A little tune called "Go Ye Now In Peace".

It's kinda become a tradition over the last three years or so. At the end of every concert or big event, we spread out into the crowd and sing this song. It's really cool!

In other random news, I learned started learning saxaphone this weekend! Our first jazz band rehersal was today. I'm feeling good about it!

I'll try to get some good pictures of Grandparent's Day.

Until then, keep being awesome!!!!


Question of the Post: Favorite Starbucks drink? GO!