Saturday, January 19, 2013

An Eventful Week

WOW This week was fun of fun and awesome changes!!!

Okay... Mostly two changes... and only for me...

But that's beside the point!!

I got new glasses on Monday and I got bangs on Wednesday!!!

Our Spanish teacher decided to have class outside on Wednesday... which was fine by me since it was beautiful outside!!

(I love the way the sun shows up in this shot)

Then we had music theory class during choir. That was, um, fun?
 Claire does not understand the topic at hand...

The wonderful Mr. Farrell, teaching away at theory.
His idea of "simplifying it so that we wouldn't have to use insane ledger lines"... Whatever.
Yay interval training!!
After school we headed to the hair salon. I snapped some last pictures of my beautiful long hair...


And then it was gone!!

 My wonderful hairdresser, Lisette!
BAM. There's a shot of the new glasses and the new hair.
AAAAND then I had to go to school on Thursday (logical, no?)
We watched William Lane Craig debating a guy about morality and ethics....
In my Morality and Ethics class.
 Thought I'd try to capture the awesomeness of my new hair, but I ended up capturing the nastiness of my room. I'm gonna clean that later.

I decided to practice my Taylor Swift wonder stare. You wouldn't believe how many of my friends called my Taylor Swift on Thursday... and Friday. I take it as a compliment, of course!
So yeah, that was my eventful week!!
This morning I had some waffles with nutella and fresh strawberries for breakfast before heading out to go feed some local homeless people with a group from school. It was a great experience and I can't wait until we go again next month!!!

(Waffles, Nutella, and Strawberries= Best breakfast ever!!)
So yeah, I'm off to do dishes and clean my room and such fun things. Eventually.
Shall I leave you with a picture of Nikki's hippo lunchbox? Yes, I think I shall.
Question of the Post: Is William Lane Craig awesome?

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