Sunday, January 6, 2013

Have You Heard The People Sing?

Soo, I want to see Les Miserables with some friends last night.
It was awesome!!

Les Miserables was already one of my favorite musicals, so I was hoping that I wouldn't be disappointed by the movie. I wasn't (mostly). But I'm not a movie reviewer, and you're not here to read a movie review! However, I will say that if you're considering going to see it, do so!

Okay, so the other night, I was hungry and we had some pulled pork left, so what did I do? I made some more PPNs!!! (That's Pulled Pork Nachos, for the record)

And then I was craving some smores, but I didn't feel like getting the graham crackers down. It's really just a lazy factor, nothing more. But then the Madre suggested that I take these caramel wafer-things that my grandma gave us. The Madre knows all. It was fantastic!!!

Oh yeah. It was reeeeeally good.
So Saturday morning, YAY! It was time to wash the cars so I could get some cash to buy my movie ticket. So check out the Junior class shirt and ratty jeans. Oh, and the bare feet. Completes the outfit.

Then, FINALLY it was time for us to go hear the people sing!! I got these awesome purple jeans at Dillard's the other day, so I thought I'd rock those to the theatre.
You can't really see how purple they are in the picture, but trust me, they're purple.
We went to Chick-Fil-A before the movie, for two three reasons: 1) We wanted to hang out before the movie 2) HellO it's Chick-Fil-A!! and 3) THAT ONE (Kirsten) got us Chick-Fil-A calendars for Christmas :)
 Brent eating his chicken sammich (Brent is Kirsten's boyfriend, just so you all know)
 Sarah and Mom!! (I don't drive, and neither does she, sooo... yeah. We need Mom)
 Tom... No other words.
Me and Jen!
So then, Mom split (she wasn't going to the movie with us) and bought our tickets and headed in!
About two minutes into the previews, Jen leans over and asks Tom if he wanted to go get popcorn. So he got up and ran out to get popcorn, despite the fact that we were trying to get him not to go... About ten minutes later (long previews!) he returns.... with THIS.
                                                              A giant tub of popcorn.
Thanks, Tom.
So I proudly made it until the end without crying. I teared up when Eponine died (OH SPOILER SORRY) but I didn't start actually crying until the end when... Sorry no more spoilers. Go watch it.
Even though I made it..... some of us did not.
Sarah, bless her heart. She started crying when Fantine died and never really recovered, I guess. This was a happier her, earlier at Chick-Fil-A. Bless her little ginger heart.

Well, this morning we went to church! First Sunday of the New Year!
(It was a purple plaid shirt with jeans and black boots.... I really need better lighting in my room)

Oh, and for your totally awesome listening pleasure, go check out R.E.V.O by Walk Off The Earth!!
They're AMAZING, and I've been listening to "Red Hands" and "Gang of Rhythm" nonstop!
Okay, well, that is all for now!! Have an awesome Rest-of-your-weekend!!


Question of The Post: What is your current jam? Have you ever heard of WOTE? Have you seen their version of "Somebody That I Used To Know"? What are your feeling on that song? :)


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