Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back To School...

Guess who went back to school Tuesday??

This girl!

Lucky me, right? I got to go back a day later than the rest of the county, so I really am lucky.

I spent Monday hanging out with a VERY awesome woman named Teresa! We went to IKEA, then went back to her place and watched Warehouse 13 episodes on Netflix. Great day to spend my last day off!! I also decided to rock my Batman shirt that day (you can't really see it, but be jealous of my sparkly silver Converse!)

So then, Tuesday happened.

Yay. Not very exciting.
 Anyone know how to put a drumset together? :)
 One of out sophomores drew this to go with our marching show. It has lyrics from all four movements. She's amazing! You go Bobbaroo!
 Quote of the week!
"God intends to give what we need, not what we now think we want" -C.S. Lewis. (I LOVE his quotes, BTW)
You mean you don't have a giant Rubik's Cube sitting around in your band room?

 AP US History boredom, as shown above. Fear not, however. I DO actually pay attention in
 that class!

So then today (Wednesday) happened. It was pretty cool, actually. The seniors who had returned from the Passion conference in Georgia last week spoke and sang.

 Ems, Meg, and Schmeals, some of my
ever-lovely friends!!  (Actual names? Emily, Megan, and Amelia. Aren't they fabulous?)

 Yeah, so this is me on a typical morning. Running out of the house with wet hair and bare feet.

At least I ended up not looking like a hot mess.

For our third period class, Nikki and I have la clase de Espanol. (Spanish, for all you non-bilinguals!) Our Spanish teacher always has these really cool and interesting magazines in the back of her room, and I like to look through them sometimes. This is what Nikki and I found when we went looking today...

 How To Hatch A Dinosaur:
Step 1: Get a chicken.
Step 2: Hack its DNA
Step 3: Stand back

The colorful thing right here? That's what Nikki and I did during class. All the quotes from the Hunger Games Bad Lip Reading video. (Again, we WERE actually paying attention!!)

Here's the lovely poster I made at the beginning of the year advertising our production of "Annie"! It was an awesome show, and if you didn't see it, you missed out!!

One of my freshmen snagged my camera and took a few shots of me during lunch.

 KIRSTEN! Lovely, as always!

Well, that's about it for back to school this week. I won't be able to update as often as I'd like to, due to homework and the like. Which, by the way, I should be doing now. Guess who's not in school for the next two days?? THIS GIRL!

YEAH! Going off to the All-State Convention!! It's always a lot of fun, and I'm in the Concert Choir this year! I'm super-excited! (Did I mention that I'm missing two days of school??)

That's gonna be a fun blog to write up :) Until then, lovely people!! (Yes, that's you!)


Question of the Post: This is one I've been DYING to get an answer to!! My friend Jen always drinks her juice boxes like Nikki is demonstrating in the picture. We think that she's weird and it's one of her quirks. Is that the right way to drink a juice box? Please, we all want your answer!!

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