Friday, April 26, 2013

Fun Fridays!! (Plus a recap of the past three weeks)

Well hello once again!!! I got so busy recapping my trip that I completely ignored the real time part of my life!! But now I'm here to fill you in!! (Unless you've been following me on Instagram... Then you already know)

So my birthday was three (almost four) weeks ago Sunday. We kept it pretty low key, just went to church and came home. I saw these beautiful white roses at Aldi, and Mom got them for me!!! They made me very very happy. :)

The one thing that I really wanted for my birthday was to go watch the sunset on the beach. I'm blessed enough to live close to the beach, but I almost never get to go. But I took my guitar and watched the sunset. It was the perfect ending to my birthday.

The next weekend was out annual fine arts fundraiser. It's called Pizza and Pops, and we eat pizza and play popular music... the good kind.
I performed one of the songs I wrote, and my friend Claire accompanied me on a string synth.
Here's a picture that my fabulous voice teacher took!!

The next day (a Sunday), my grandparents wanted to take me out for my birthday, so we went to Cheddar's. The staff was nice enough to decorate my chocolate fudge cake!!!
And then, the icing on the cake (see what I did there?) was getting to see my old youth pastors. They were in town and we'd been trying to meet up with them all week. It was two hours of awesome.

Keri and Marc have had such a huge impact on my life. They are definitely some of the awesomest people I know, and they definitely live too far away from me. They've helped me grow in so many ways. Plus, they have the cutest little girl!!! :)

Well, lucky duck me over here didn't have to show up to school until 11:20 on Monday and Tuesday of that week. So on Tuesday part of The Gang met up at Starbucks. We had some good discussions, and just hung out like we do until we had to go to school.

Then that Thursday, I had a doctor's appointment downtown. Mom and I decided that it wou ISld be a good idea to get some Coney Island dogs for lunch... yep it was definitely a good idea.
Coney Island is this hole-in-the-wall place downtown, and it's one of those places where everyone goes, no matter who you are or where you come from. The food is that good.

Yaaaaay... Me getting ready to go in for my MRI...
Then on Friday a bunch of us Juniors got to set up for prom. It only took us 10 hours to set up, and it looked awesome. Our theme was Night On the Nile. There were pyramids, a pond, and giant Sphinx, as you can see behind our set-up crew...

It was a lot of fun getting to set up prom with old classmates. We hardly see each other, because of scheduling and extracurriculars and such. But it was fun.

Me rockin the aviators on the way to prom.
WOW look at that fabulous pond we constructed... And yes, that is the five dollar dress!!

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of the night. Jen was trying to get something off of my dress, and I decided to take some pictures.
Also, a BIG shout-out thank you to my fabulous Aunt Dale for letting me borrow some bling for prom! Isn't that necklace awesome?

Then on Monday... back to it with Jazz Band!!!

Ah, don't ya hate it when you get trombone slides in your face?

Tuesday found me back on the college touring bus, with me and the Parents touring Southeastern University. It's a pretty awesome school. Choosing a college is NOT going to be easy...
But we stopped by Parksdale Farms on the way home!! It's this big produce stand/market thing, and they sell frozen treats... Like strawberry shakes!!! Yum!!
I know, I know, it seems like I'm never in school...
hehehe... that's because I'm not :)
Our choir threw a suprise baby shower for our fabulous director on Wednesday!! One of the choir moms made a baby carriage out of a watermelon... Isn't it adorable?

And then I photobombed the cake picture... accidentaly.

On Thursday, Nikki, Jordan and I went to Chipotle. Our chapel director at school took us out to lunch to thank us for the work we've done this year.

AAAND Nikki and I just took pictures of each other...

Twin love!!

THEN today, the Voices of Liberty from Epcot came to do a workshop with out choir. They're pretty awesome, and we were so lucky to have them come work with us today!!
*sigh* Wow, that was exhausting.
But hey, we're all caught up now!!!
That's exciting!!!
Anyways, I'll be posting again soon, I promise!!!
But until then, Don't Forget To Be Awesome!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Touring The World, Part Two

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm an awful person. TOTALLY meant to do Part Two of this trip about a day after I posted Part One. Well, eleven days later, I'm baaaaack!!!
It may not seem that long to you guys, but it does to me.

Monday, March 25

We had breakfast at our hotel before heading over to Liberty for our campus tour.

Am I a Future Champion For Christ? Maybe!!
A lovely Instagram shot of my brochure and hot chocolate :)
Some really cool frozen fountain outside the learning center. I thought it looked cool.
The tour was awesome! We got to go to Convocation (which is their term for Chapel) and James Brown from CBS Sports was the speaker that day!! It was awesome.
Blah Blah Blah traveling, I'll spare you the boring details.
Tuesday, March 26
Another day of traveling!!!
Yeah, so exciting. I know. BUT It was totally neccesary. Thank the Lord for Starbucks, right?
White Chocolate Espresso. That's what I'm talking about!!

That night we made it to Upland, Indiana: Our second tour stop.
Wednesday, March 27
Another college day!! This time we were touring Taylor University.
I know a few people (my parents included) who are alumni of the school, so of course it would be on my list!! When we walked into the welcome center, they had this really cool wall...
That was a giant blackboard!!! They wrote the names of all the people touring on the board.
Now is that awesome or what??
I think it is.
The tour was great, but since it was Spring Break for them too, there was no one on campus. :(
Thursday, March 28
Yet another day full of traveling. We somehow managed to make it back to my aunt and uncle's house in time for dinner... THAT is what we call mad driving skills, ladies and gentlemen!!!
Or insanity.
You can choose.
Behr, in all his massive Golden Retriever splendor, got to be my footrest for a few minutes.
Thank you Behr!!
Some of the free swag stuff I got from colleges.
I almost used the word swag on my blog.
The apocalypse is coming soon.
I'm sorry.
Friday, March 29
Today was Dad's actual birthday!!! YAAAAY Dad!!!
So we celebrated it with... MORE DRIVING!!!!!
... No.
Ah, behold the traffic trying to head back to the North. A perk of living in the South= Spring Break traffic goes the opposite way!
Then One, Two, Skip a few...
Saturday, March 30
...Ninety-Nine- WE'RE HOME!!!!
So much excitement!!
It's a lot of fun to take a long trip and see people.
But it always feels good to be back at home.



Saturday, April 6, 2013

Touring The World, Part One

Hi! How's it going? Gotta say I'm doing pretty good myself.

So the reason I haven't blogged in the last two weeks is because I was on an awesome trip (which we shall discuss shortly) for the first week and I had to write a paper the second week.

BUT that second week is irrelevant, because here I am to tell you all about my awesome trip!!!

Friday, March 22

Sadly, I still had to go to school. But really? School on the Friday before Spring Break? Can we just cancel classes? Nothing gets done anyways.
No really. We played kickball in band...

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the epitome of productivity.

So right after school (as in, the last bell rang and I ran for the car), the Parental Units and I headed out!!

Now I have this really awesome band director (who has known me since I was born and used to babysit me... BEFORE she was my band director) and she's really awesome. How awesome? Well, she gave me this card:
A glittery Keep Calm and Carry On card wishing me luck on my college road trip!!
She's totally super awesome. :)
She also gave me a goodie bag full of fun stuff for the trip. Including Dark Chocolate.
Yeah. She's the best.
So the Parents and I drove all the way until we made it to Georgia, where we overnighted.
 My suitcase!!! (I did a pretty good packing job, if you ask me)
And I TOTALLY rocked my crazy slippers around the hotel.
In related news, this would be a good time to introduce the fact that I have an iPod touch now. It's officially replaced my camera, which is both good and bad. It doesn't take good pictures in bad lighting, but in the right lighting it's awesome!!
That is all.
HAHA just kidding! That ISN'T all.
I got this really cool app called "Photolettering". It lets you take pictures and then you can put text over them. This is one I made with a picture of Breanne Duren.

After messing around with that app, I decided to tell Georgia goodnight.
Saturday, March 23
We got up pretty early to head for our next destination. If I say so myself, I was pretty styilish when we left.
We stopped at Toccoa Falls College (it was on the way) and went to see the falls themselves.
AAND Yep. That's my Dad pulling a suprise attack during a picture. Note the terrified look on my face. Yep. That's my dad.
And then I took this one. I'm very proud of how this came out.
Mom took a picture of my driving.
Despite what anyone ever tells you, I'm a good driver.
Now allow me to introduce you to the greatest place on earth.
No, it's not Disney World, though Disney is pretty awesome.
It's Goats on the Roof.
They literally have Goats.
On a roof.
Profound, right?
It's a tourist trap, but it's awesome! Especially if you have smalll (or large) children.
No really. Take them there now.
*ahem* Anyways....
I love the mountains. So much. I want to move there eventually.
So after a lot of traveling, we arrived at my aunt and uncle's house in North Carolina. We celebrated Dad's birthday early, since they weren't sure if they'd see us again.

Coconut cake!!
My aunt left a white porcelain cat on my bed. She's pretty awesome. Thanks Aunt D!
Sunday, March 24
As much as we hated to travel on a Sunday, we had to if we wanted to make all our stops. 

Here's a picture of my aunt and uncle's dog, Behr. He looks like a puppy in this picture, but don't be fooled. He's huge. And soft and cuddly and sweet, but huge!
This bag of trail mix was in the goodie bag too! It had these really yummy chocolate covered caramel clusters... mmmmmmm.
I was actually being productive and working on my APUSH homework.
FINALLY we arrived at our destination of the day: Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia!
Also, my first sighting of snow. Ever.
Liberty Mountain!!!!
Yeah... they have their own mountain.
The view outside our hotel room!
So. Much. Snow.
Well, I think that's a good place to stop the story for now! But WAIT... There's more!!!
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