Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!!!

Well, like it or not, 2013 has finally arrived!!

How did I ring in the New Year? With some pulled pork nachos, of course!!

That’s right, I made these babies! They don’t taste as good as the ones at Lee Roy Selmon’s, but they were pretty dang good. I’ve already had a request from a friend to make him some once he gets back from the Passion Conference in Georgia. No promises that we’ll actually have any pulled pork left though… Dad really liked the nachos!

So, this was my outfit when we went out this morning(Ignore the messy looking room behind me).

We were heading to Dillard’s annual 50% off sale. It was a profitable trip, one that ended with me getting an adorable, classy looking blazer and purple jeans (which I hope to rock very soon!!)

 (Me rocking the classy blazer)

 Mom also got a lot of stuff. Sales are great!!   Cute clothes + good prices = I’m in let’s go shopping!!!

So, being New Year’s Day, it was time for another family tradition: Lunch at Sonny’s!! It sounds like a random tradition, but it’s really not. My grandmother is a New Year’s baby, the first born in 1926, so we celebrate her birthday each year by going out and getting some barbeque! I mean, who am I to argue with such good-tasting traditions?

  Creeper shot of Dad finishing his garlic bread. It’s pretty good garlic bread.

So then, after we got home, it was time to face the inevitable: We had to take down Christmas. L

 Some of the ornaments on the table.

So, all the ornaments came off the tree, the tree went back in its box (it’s a fake tree), and everything eventually went back in the attic.

Well, almost everything.

The nativity stayed out. My grandparents (Dad’s side) made a nativity for each of my Dad’s siblings. None of them are the same. Each of the figures is painted different (My grandmother hand-painted them all) and each of the stables have a different layout. It’s really cool, and we decided to leave it up a little longer.

 The nativity! It’s really special to our family, and it’s a great reminder of what the season’s all about.


SO, hopefully, there will be a very awesome theme party going on at my house tomorrow!!
 IF(/when) it happens, there will be VERY awesome pictures up! And probably lots of stories to tell…

Here’s a hint!

HA! Have fun figuring that one out!!

 Okay, well, until tomorrow!!


How did you welcome 2013? Do you have any New Year's traditions? Leave a response!!

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