Monday, January 14, 2013


I'm baaaaaaaaack!!

For now, anyways. I have this thing called school that kinda gets in the way of my social habits... Who am I kidding? School is where most of my social habits occur!

AAAAAnyways, for those of you who don't know what the heck All-State is, let me give you the short version!!

Whooo! Escalator riding!! (I then had to go back up to get my music...)

All-State is a TOTALLY awesome conglomeration of many things, at least many musical things. The whole things actually starts back in September, when us students audition to get into one of the performance groups (There are choirs and bands and orchestras and such). Then, if we make it, we go to Tampa in January. Those of us who've made it go to rehersals for our groups. Those are really fun and can last from three to five hours! WHOO! But don't worry. We DO get breaks.
(I may or may not have been taking some pictures during one of our rehersals... :D)

At the same time as our rehersals, our teachers got to various seminars and the like.
Or they all go to lunch directly below your rehersal space. We had time to kill, and I felt like being creepy, so I took some ninja shots. :)

There's also a giant exhibition hall where colleges, fund-raising groups and instrument vendors (it's actually really cool- you can bring your own mouthpiece and play on REALLY nice instruments!!).

We found the booth of the lovely people who gave us out marching band championship in November!! The woman who runs it is the sweetest woman ever!
So yeah, it's a lot of fun. You get to meet people from around the state who share your interests. The girl next to me and the girl in front of me discovered that both of them play bassoon but march mellophone! Small world!!

Noooo... We're not the dramatic choir kids at all!! (with the exception of Jordan, the band kid who's facing the wrong way)

There's a lovely group shot!! All of our All-State awesome people!!
A really bad picture of me in my choir dress. I have no idea why it came out so bad, but

The 2013 All-State Concert Choir!!

Dramatic suspicious glances...

That's right, I went all hipster for Day One. But, I took advantage of the nice weather. It's usually freezing for All-State and we all have jackets and scarves and gloves, but this year it was jeans and t-shirts and shorts and such!!

Hm. This was actually school this morning... Not sure how it got in the picture group...

Anyways, guess what?!?


My prescription is the same, but I'd had my old glasses for four years and the protective coating on the lenses began bubbling and I couldn't see and it was really annoying...*whew* I'm glad those are gone!!! Pictures in the next post? Yes. Yes there will be. I'm also getting bangs so this should be a fun week for me!!

Okay, well, that's all for now!! Have a lovely week!!


(This blog post (and the Reese's) is approved by Cuz (and a creepy Mikayla))
Question of the Post: What role has fine arts played in your life? Do you have a band, choir, or drama director that's greatly impacted you??


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