Friday, January 4, 2013

I Mustache You A Question...

But I'll Shave it for later!!! HAHA mustache puns are the best!
So, if you didn't guess that the theme of the party was mustaches, you were wrong.
It was a mustach-ulous party!! I had five of my favorite girls over, and we partied hard!!
...and when I say "partied hard", I mean we watched Disney movies until 2 AM.
So, I had to clean the house all Wednesday morning. I decided that housework is best done in a 40's style bandada wrap with the latest Relevant podcast playing on my iPod.

So then, after the cleaning was done, lucky me got to go to a dentist's appointment! WHOO...NO.
I'm smiling because I hadn't left yet. And the my iPod almost died! :(
Oh well. After I got home, I had a few hours before the girls arrived. The "official: name of the party was "We Mustache Up For the New Year", so I made some fun mustache decorations. I put large bright colored mustaches on the door so that the girls could find my house (two of them had never been over before), and I made little mustaches to go on the straws. Oh, and I made chocolate chip cookies in various mustache shapes.
I was told that some of the cookies looked like fetuses. They were supposed to be handlebar mustaches. :( My cookie dough shaping skills apparently aren't that great.
The ever-lovely Sarah! (That's right, she's a Sarah  too!! And we are AWESOME!)
Kirsten with her Hitler-stache.
The ever-lovely Jen! She made her own, overly huge mustache!


So, Jen got into the cookie dough while I was making some more cookies... Oh well!
Sarah brought her ukulele and we kinda sorta didn't really jam. She just got it for Christmas and hasn't really learned how to play it yet. But once she does learn to play it, we will have to Sarah-nade you!!! (That's a play on our names (Sarah) and the word "seranade" for those of you who might not get that...)

My Rachelle next to her Squirt (We name our instruments. Don't judge us!)

Sarah's not a morning person, yet she still managed to find the ability to make this derp face right after she woke up.

So after all the girls left (around 2 PM) I decided that I wasn't going to break TWO of my New Year's goals in the same 24 hours! (The first broken goal: read my Bible every night. That's a little hard to do when you've got 5 girls over) So, I grabbed my laptop and I worked out!!
I do these really great workouts from backonpointe. She's this college student who posts all of these workout to her Tumblr. I actually have it as my homepage on my computer. :)
I've been alternating various ab workouts with the "Best Butt" workout. My abs and my butt HURT. But it's a good pain, that pain you get when you know something's getting better but it just really hurts.
Then after my dad got home, we went to the gym. I had already worked out that morning afternoon, so I just walked 2.25 miles.
I spent the rest of the night doing dishes and watching "Person of Interest" and "Elementary" on CBS. I really don't like that Elementary is on so late. It's a great show, but if I don't get to bed at a decent hour, I don't get up until 9 or later. Like this morning. I got up at 9:45. I don't like not getting up  early-ish.
I did a workout this morning, and Mom decided to do it with me! This morning was abs. I am now in pain. YAY!
Okay, off to do whatever I shall do today! Which is probably nearly nothing.
It's kinda dreary outside.
I'm listening to the live feed from the last session of Passion while I write this. One of my close friends is there, and I can't wait to hear all of his stories when he gets back!
That reminds me... We're going to see Les Miserables tomorrow night!
Well, I shall go do whatever I am going to do! Have an awesome day!!

Question of the Post: Do you like theme parties? Do you like mustaches? Have you seen Les Mis yet and it is truly as awesome as everyone says?? Leave a comment! I want to hear from you!!


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