Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whirlwind Weekend!!

I don't know how your weekend went, but mine was pretty insane.
I don't have a lot of pictures from this past weekend, but here's the basic rundown of what happened:
Friday night we had our second home football game, so I was at school from 7:45 in the morning to 11:30 at night. Fun, right?

Band Seniors!!

We're a pretty crazy bunch :)

Saturday morning  I had my second round of All-State choir auditions at 9 in the morning (so I'm running on about six hours of sleep at this point), and we had to report at school at noon because we had a band competition in the afternoon!!
Kirsten and me with our bus selfies :)
Now, this band competition was the Tarpon Springs Outdoor Marching Festival. I'd only done it once before, my freshman year, but it was one of my favorite competitons because we get to go down to th Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks and hang out!

All of my woodwind girls and I were in a group for dinner. We went to the Plaka restaraunt (I'd been there before). If you ever find yourselves in Tarpon Springs, I definitely reccomend going there!
 I was in the mood for authentic Greek food (because that's what you get when you're in Tarpon Springs - there's a HUGE Greek community there!), so I ordered a gyro.
Oh my.
It was delicious, and it was just what I needed.

Jen, Kirsten, and myself!


Walking group selfies!

All the girls behind me are some of the best girls you can find. They're my sisters, and I couldn't have asked for better friends. It's so amazing how marching band has made us all a family.

A good friend of mine says I look like Rachel McAdams in these last pictures. I've gotten that I look like Taylor Swift many times, but Rachel McAdams is a new one.

So, as I'm off to start prepping for another slightly less crazy weekend, any thoughts? Do you think I look like Rachel McAdams? Or Taylor Swift? Possibly both??


Monday, October 14, 2013

Two New Recipies... and PVCs

Three posts on one day?
I know, I'm crazy. But I just HAVE to share these two new edible things I made this weekend!

Okay, so the first is for all my Nutella and Peanut Butter lovers.

Nutella-PeanutButter-Banana wraps!

Here's what you need to make two wraps:

Tortillas (I used corn, which makes a very good but interesting flavor, but you can use flour)
Nutella (or some chocolatey hazelnutty spread)
Peanut Butter
One Banana

-Put the tortillas on a plate and pop them in a microwave for 8-10 seconds.
-Take them out and spread the Nutella and peanut butter (you can do this how you want, I did it by alternating stripes of both)
-Slice the banana into whatever thickness you want and put them on the tortilla
-Then wrap it up and enjoy!!

I had these for breakfast this morning. They're pretty fantabulous.

On another note, I taught myself to use chopsticks when I made stir-fry yesterday.
But do you know what happens when I make stir fry and start thinking about Taco Tuesdays at Tijuana Flats?
I decide to make Mexican stiry fry.

Mexican Stir Fry!!

Things I used:

1 medium onion
1 green bell pepper
1/2 a can of corn
1 tsp of minced garlic
3 tsp of cilantro in a tube
2 eggs
Some random amount of rice
Some random amount of pork (really, however much you want)
aaaaand some tomatoes and avocado to put on top :)

Put all the veggies, cilantro, and garlic into the skillet and cook em up. After they're decently cooked, put them to the side and put the eggs in. Once the eggs are done, mix them into the veggies, then add in the rice and pork.
(I may or may not have put some cayenne powder in, too...)

So feel free to try those and tell me how they turn out!!

In yet another, totally fun side road, I got to go to the hospital today. I'm not deathly ill or anything. I just have this heart condition callled Premature Ventricular Contractions, or PVCs. Pretty much, my I have a jazzy heart that likes to syncopate it's rhythms. I don't feel any symptoms, but it's there.

My doctor found it during a routine check up about three years ago. He said that it's fairly common, and I'll probably grow out of it, but they monitor it for now. So every six months or so it's off to the Cardiology center to get a heart monitor for 24 hours. Yep. I'm wearing it as I write this.

I also have a bicuspid valve instead of a tricuspid... weird.

It's not life-threatening at all, I just have to watch how much caffiene I take (AKA No Red Bulls). My dad's side of the family has a history of heart problems, so I'm glad my doctor caught this.

Again, it's not life-threatening. At all.

I'm not complaining. Because when I get my monitor, I go to the local children's hospital. It always reminds me that even though I have this really annoying little thing with my heart, I've been so blessed to be healthy. The building I go to is full of kids who aren't as fortunate.

So be thankful tonight that you're healthy. Be thankful that you can run and do what you want. Be thankful for the life you've been given, for each day truly is a gift.


Homecoming Part Two: The Dance!!

Dun Dun Duuuuuuuun!
So I had some of the girls come over before Homecoming to get ready.

Kirsten already had her hair done, so she and I focused on getting Nikki's done.
Kirsten straightening Nikki's hair

Braiding Nikki's hair!

The finished product!!
Nikki used to have freakishly long hair, but since it's now short, we straightened it and made an abstract braid crown thing.
My hair! Yes, I did it myself

Kirsten left the house early with her date, so Nikki and I went to a local park to take pictures.

Intense staring twins

Pondering the meaning of life

Love this girl!!
Isn't she lovely?

 After pictures, we headed to the dance. No event is complete without a few selfies, right?

Yep. I took two selfies. I go hard.
We actually took more, but they're all on Kirsten's phone and I haven't gotten them yet...

Here's a picture our teacher/school photographer took of a crew we call "The Sisterhood". We all play clarinet in highschool band, and we've been together for four years. Claire and Nikita (The two on the left) are only sophomores this year, and Kirsten and I are seniors. I'm gonna miss those girls next year :(
Anyhoo, Jen, Nikki and I headed back to my place afterwards.
Inquisitive cat eye...

Don't mess.

Yep. We're pretty fab.

No one said we were normal...

So remember my totally awesome hair from the dance? Yeah, I took it down and brushed it out Sunday morning... Here's the result.

So that's the end of the Homecoming recap.

Thank you, Northside, for a great Senior Homecoming!!!





Homecoming Part One: Homecoming Week

Happy Homecoming Games!
I hope you read that in your best Effie Trinket voice, because that's how I wrote it. 
Moving on...
This week is homecoming week, the annual week of fun and intense competition! This year is the showdown between Junior World and Senior Nation. 
My money's on Senior Nation (not that I have a bias or anything...). 

We had some good dress up days this year. Monday was (and always is) Spirit Day, so we all wore red white and blue (our school colors). Not too interesting. 

Tuesday, however, was Country/Duck Dynasty Day. That was a ton of denim covered fun! Nikki and I totally rocked our overalls and plaid shirts, but I think the Senior Duck Dynasty cast won in the awesomeness category.
Duck Dynasty Seniors!
Wednesday was Inanimate Object Day, so I was a music box ballerina! This led to a day long argument discussion between my band director and I as to whether or not a music box ballerina is indeed inanimate. I think it is. He doesn't.
Thursday was Famous Pair day, so Jen and I were Ariel and Ursula (the hipster versions!).
 Friday, then was class shirt day! Our class adopted Junior Nation last year, and we just turned it into Senior Nation this year!
One of the fun traditions our school has during homecoming is that the elementary classes adopt senior cheerleaders, band members, and football players. I was adopted by a fifth grade class this year, and they got me all sorts of treats!


They also make signs for us that they proudly display on the doors to their classrooms! I was adopted with a football player this year since we have so many seniors. 

I found out that I was also adopted by our preschool! Our school mascot is the mustang, so they dressed up a stuffed horse in one of our band uniforms!! 

Friday is the ultimate day of Homecoming week. Classes are canceled, and we start the day with a pep rally, then the high school classes compete with each other in volleyball, dodgeball, powderpuff football, and male cheerleading.

My custom painted flag shoes!
Our class's male cheerleading team is the best ever. They've won, I believe, every year since our sophomore year. They're pretty good.
The Juniors won homecoming this year, but we only lost by 150 points. I'm proud of the class of 2014! Senior Nation!!!

Friday Night is one of my favorite parts: The Homecoming Game!! It was super special this year, as it was my last Homecoming Game ever, our first home game this year, and my first home game as drum major!
Me and Kirsten before the game!
Our band did GREAT, and so did our team! We won our Homecoming Game for the first time in years!!! Good job guys!!!

And that's only the first part...





Sunday, October 6, 2013

Seminole Sound! AKA Last First Competition!


Hello, Hello!!
Happy Sunday to all!
I don't know about where you are, but it's a beautiful day in the FLA!
Yes, I am usually this happy. :)
But I'm extra happy today because we had our first marching band competition yesterday!!!!
The first competition of the year is always Seminole Sound. It's a time for people to make mistakes, but also to check out the competition for the rest of the season.
Picture time!
Lovely set of Drum Majors!
This is Ms. A, one of our band directors. She's known my parents forever, and used to babysit me when I was little. Now that we're both older, she helps me and my co-DM become as awesome as we possibly can!
Me and Nikki!
Lovely Senior Twins!

Kirsten and Me!
Nikita, myself, and Shirley all started band the same year (Nikita was in 7th grade, I was in 9th, and Shirley was in 8th). I've been so blessed to march with these lovely girls! They're wonderful, and yesterday I marched my last Seminole Sound with them. :)
Nikita, me, and Shirley!
Our band always gets together to pray for our show and for each other before every competition. It's one of the coolest things about our band, and it's a time for us to focus before we go.
(Photo Cred to Lisa Jones)
Another band tradition?
Pixie stix.
It started my freshman year, and we always down pixie stix before a show.
(Photo Cred to Lisa Jones)
 The band show begins with the band entering the field. Once it appears that the band is set, the announcer will ask "Drum Majors, is your band ready?" at which time the drum majors perform a salute.
 Part of our salute this year is the Charleston, since our show is the 1920s.

(Photo Cred to Lisa Jones)

(Photo Cred to Lisa Jones)

My dear ginger friend Jen and I start the show together. I play the intro from Rhapsody in Blue and she has a guard solo on sabre.

(Photo Cred to Lisa Jones)

Before the third of our four movements, Cara and I switch off, and I get on the drum major podium to conduct.
(Photo Cred to Lisa Jones)

The girl in white here is Claire. She's a sophomore and an amazing dancer, so she has a dance solo. The violin player, Troy, is dressed as Charlie Chaplain and is playing his song "Smile", while Cara (my Co) is on the bench with the umbrella.
(Photo Cred to Lisa Jones)

Marching band is a lot of hard work, but it pays off!

We were awarded Best Drum Majors in the 2A division, and recieved the awards for Best Guard and 1st overall in the 3A division!
Cara and me with our Best Drum Majors trophy!

No, we don't know how we placed in two divisions either.

I think we broke the system.

Awwwwwwww yeeeeeeeeeah!!!

We're going to try to sort it out on Monday, so I'll let you all know how that goes.
Congrats to all the other bands who competed this weekend, and good luck for the rest of the season!!!


PS: Hopefully I'll be able to get you all a video of the show sometime this week!!