Monday, January 27, 2014

Passion recap (and other important news)

Happy Monday to you all! This week's blog has a bunch of events and some news at the end... so hold on for the ride!

First things first: let's appreciate the little things.

Switchfoot's new album came out last week, and the night before it released, the guys did a live Google+ Hangout. Their esteemed lead singer, Jon Foreman, was not there, as he had busted his face open while surfing that morning. Helloooo 30 stitches to the face!

Nevertheless, the Hangout was fun, and their new album, Fading West, is amazing. Go check it out as soon as you can!

Here is the super exciting part: 
I got to go to the Passion conference in Atlanta last weekend! It's an amazing conference of college students (though they let high school seniors go too). I and about nine other kids in my class loaded up into a van Friday morning and spent all day driving up to Atlanta. 
Many intense rounds of HeadBands were played.

Yeah, I was myself one round.

I know all you Northerners are used to the cold, but this Florida girl has no warm weather clothes. I borrowed a heavy coat from my wonderful choir director, but I was still cold.
Blurry Twins!
Despite the weather, Phillips Arena was packed!

One of the campaigns this year was, again, End It Movement. It's a great organization that's trying to put an end to modern day slavery. For more information, check out their website.

Our LCD screen decided to stop working for the last session, so we ended up attempting to sing without having the words in front of us!... yeah it didn't work out that great.

Now, here's the news I know you've all been dying to hear:

1.  My dear friend Emily and I have started a blog together. It's called "2 States 2 Styles", and it you go here to check it out, you'll see why. 

2.  It is more than likely that I won't be blogging for about the next month. 
A White Blank Page will still be going, don't worry, but I have to prepare for college auditions and visits and such.

So see you all in a month or so!! Have a wonderful February!!