Friday, October 4, 2013

CFAW!! (and a few other things)

Happy Friday!!
It's been a week since my trip up to Virginia to visit Liberty, so I think it's time I delivered some photographs!!
We left Wednesday night, and it was a twelve hour bus ride up to Lynchburg. I can sleep nearly anywhere - except on a bus. It's so hard to get comfortable! Long story short, I ended up with two good hours of sleep and we hit the ground running on Thursday.
We had to go to registration is our bus clothes/ pajamas, so we all kinda looked and smelled not that great.

After changing and eating dinner, all of us CFAWers (All the kids who are there for College for A Weekend - there were a few hundred) went to a welcome rally to get the weekend kicked off!
We got to stay in the dorms with students. I stayed in the Quads, which is an apartment style dorm with five rooms and two girls to a room, plus a kitchen and living area.

The next morning (after evidently waking up and gasping before going back to sleep, according to a roommate), we were free to explore before Convocation, Liberty's tri-weekly chapel experience. One of my new friends and I walked around DeMoss Hall, the main educational building. There they have a museum dedicated to Dr. Jerry Fallwell, the founder of Liberty.
Fun fact: Dr. Fallwell's grandfather had a pet bear.
He and I got a picture together.
The Convocation speaker was Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty. If you don't know about Duck Dynasty, please go watch some episodes now. You can thank me later. :)

The lines to get into Convocation were so long that you couldn't even see the Vines Center! And the Vines Center is HUGE!

Willie Robertson!
They have a beautiful courtyard in the back of DeMoss Hall. It's just starting to turn into fall up there, so the weather was gorgeous. The lighting on this fountain was great, so here's a picture of the fountain at DeMoss.

DeMoss at sundown
Friday night David Crowder was there in concert with Colton Dixon. Both guys are great, but I was super excited for Crowder.
Stage selfie!
One of my favorite things about this weekend was that Crowder ended his concert with my favorite song, Because He Lives. It made my night, as the words are so reaffirming to me.

"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow. Because He lives, all fear is gone, because I know he holds the future, and life is worth the living just because He lives."

On Saturday, I had a vocal audition. I feel like I did very well, but no results yet!

Nikki wanted a picture of my tag. She got a twisted duck face.

This is Elysa! She was on my bus and she stayed in the Quad across the hall from mine!
Also, we were totally twinning with the Liberty shirts.

They had many helpful seminars, like this one on searching for scholarships.
Fun fact #2: LU has an artificial ski slope called Snowflex.
That's right, you can go skiing in July (or September...).
Fun fact #3: Snow is the only thing that makes Snowflex shut down.
Not that we had any snow while we were up there (that would've been really weird).

The Lodge on Liberty Mountain!

Going tubing!
The day we were there was the opening of their new tubing slopes. We got to be some of the first people to go down the slopes, and it was really fun!

For football games, the Student Section motto is "Be Early. Be Loud. Wear Red."
Pretty self-explanitory.

Look, the student section (right side) is wearing red!

I don't understand football.
At all.
Thankfully, I had some lovely friends explaining what was going on!
I kinda understand footballl now!!!!
(Our homecoming game is next week. We'll see if I remember anything)

We left after watching the band's halftime show. The band was great, and the football team was dominating (the halftime score was 44-7, the final was 73-7). After leaving the stadium, we went by the welcome center. I quickly got down on the floor for a picture with the official LU seal.

I also got a much desired picture on the fountain in front of DeMoss. :)

Liberty is such a great university! If you're looking for a college that excels in pretty much everything, I encourage you to check out LU.
Now the question of all questions: Am I going to LU?
That's a great question. One I'm still trying to answer.
I'm waiting to find out where I'm supposed to be.
And this lovely piece of news I got today changes some things:
I've been accepted into Palm Beach Atlantic University!
This is all very exciting, and very stressful.
In non-college related news, I also made it in to our small jazz choral ensemble, Chambers! It's going to be a very fun year! Our first band competition is tomorrow! And next week is homecoming week! AAAAAAHHHHH! SO MUCH GOING ON!!!
I wouldn't have it any other way :)
Happy weekending!!

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