Monday, October 14, 2013

Homecoming Part Two: The Dance!!

Dun Dun Duuuuuuuun!
So I had some of the girls come over before Homecoming to get ready.

Kirsten already had her hair done, so she and I focused on getting Nikki's done.
Kirsten straightening Nikki's hair

Braiding Nikki's hair!

The finished product!!
Nikki used to have freakishly long hair, but since it's now short, we straightened it and made an abstract braid crown thing.
My hair! Yes, I did it myself

Kirsten left the house early with her date, so Nikki and I went to a local park to take pictures.

Intense staring twins

Pondering the meaning of life

Love this girl!!
Isn't she lovely?

 After pictures, we headed to the dance. No event is complete without a few selfies, right?

Yep. I took two selfies. I go hard.
We actually took more, but they're all on Kirsten's phone and I haven't gotten them yet...

Here's a picture our teacher/school photographer took of a crew we call "The Sisterhood". We all play clarinet in highschool band, and we've been together for four years. Claire and Nikita (The two on the left) are only sophomores this year, and Kirsten and I are seniors. I'm gonna miss those girls next year :(
Anyhoo, Jen, Nikki and I headed back to my place afterwards.
Inquisitive cat eye...

Don't mess.

Yep. We're pretty fab.

No one said we were normal...

So remember my totally awesome hair from the dance? Yeah, I took it down and brushed it out Sunday morning... Here's the result.

So that's the end of the Homecoming recap.

Thank you, Northside, for a great Senior Homecoming!!!





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