Monday, October 14, 2013

Homecoming Part One: Homecoming Week

Happy Homecoming Games!
I hope you read that in your best Effie Trinket voice, because that's how I wrote it. 
Moving on...
This week is homecoming week, the annual week of fun and intense competition! This year is the showdown between Junior World and Senior Nation. 
My money's on Senior Nation (not that I have a bias or anything...). 

We had some good dress up days this year. Monday was (and always is) Spirit Day, so we all wore red white and blue (our school colors). Not too interesting. 

Tuesday, however, was Country/Duck Dynasty Day. That was a ton of denim covered fun! Nikki and I totally rocked our overalls and plaid shirts, but I think the Senior Duck Dynasty cast won in the awesomeness category.
Duck Dynasty Seniors!
Wednesday was Inanimate Object Day, so I was a music box ballerina! This led to a day long argument discussion between my band director and I as to whether or not a music box ballerina is indeed inanimate. I think it is. He doesn't.
Thursday was Famous Pair day, so Jen and I were Ariel and Ursula (the hipster versions!).
 Friday, then was class shirt day! Our class adopted Junior Nation last year, and we just turned it into Senior Nation this year!
One of the fun traditions our school has during homecoming is that the elementary classes adopt senior cheerleaders, band members, and football players. I was adopted by a fifth grade class this year, and they got me all sorts of treats!


They also make signs for us that they proudly display on the doors to their classrooms! I was adopted with a football player this year since we have so many seniors. 

I found out that I was also adopted by our preschool! Our school mascot is the mustang, so they dressed up a stuffed horse in one of our band uniforms!! 

Friday is the ultimate day of Homecoming week. Classes are canceled, and we start the day with a pep rally, then the high school classes compete with each other in volleyball, dodgeball, powderpuff football, and male cheerleading.

My custom painted flag shoes!
Our class's male cheerleading team is the best ever. They've won, I believe, every year since our sophomore year. They're pretty good.
The Juniors won homecoming this year, but we only lost by 150 points. I'm proud of the class of 2014! Senior Nation!!!

Friday Night is one of my favorite parts: The Homecoming Game!! It was super special this year, as it was my last Homecoming Game ever, our first home game this year, and my first home game as drum major!
Me and Kirsten before the game!
Our band did GREAT, and so did our team! We won our Homecoming Game for the first time in years!!! Good job guys!!!

And that's only the first part...





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