Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Off I Go!!

Hello dear readers! I have very exciting news!! 
I was terribly sick last week (I still have a cough) and had to stay home Wednesday. That's not the good news, hold on. 
The good news is that since I stayed home, I was free to check my email all day! 
In checking my email, I received word of my acceptance to Liberty University!!


I'm a happy girl :)
There was lots of screaming and excitement (as excited as one can be when one is sick). The excitement continued on Saturday when my official acceptance packet arrived!
Whoooo again! 

Here's a close up of the adorable door hanger: 

Cute, right? Not that I actually use door hangers, but it's so awesome!

I'm actually headed out in a few minutes to head up to Liberty for their College For A Weekend (CFAW)! I'm excited!

So, as I leave you, here's a bonus picture of Kirsten, myself, and Nikki before last week's game!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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  1. Great post, but you forgot "Wi-Fi" in your labels. :-) Praying for you on your trip!