Monday, September 9, 2013

Universe: Rocked!

To celebrate, here's an extremely hipster picture I made.
I actually took the background picture myself, then put it in an app called Studio and threw some filters and a graphic on top.
Moving on!
I had a pretty crazy (fun) weekend!
Every year in Orlando, Universal Studios and Disney both put on these events (on the same weekend. logic? not in use here), called Rock the Universe and Night of Joy, respectively. I've wanted to go for years, and this year my favorite band AKA SWITCHFOOT AKA The Best Band Ever was at Rock the Universe (RTU)!!

I went with my mom Friday night. We only did Twister (which is absolutely the lamest thing ever...), but we had a lot of fun, despite the rain!

We managed to catch the end of Family Force 5.
We got soaked, but it was fun!
We had a lot (and I mean a LOT) of time to kill before Switchfoot, so we made sure that we got good spots and waited.

Warning: This is the part where I post about 50 bajillion pictures of Switchfoot. If you dislike Switchfoot, feel free to skip over this part (and then go listen and learn to love Switchfoot).
Ladies and Gents, Mr. Tim Foreman himself.

Jerome being awesome and playing his keyboard!
 I'm pretty proud of these next few shots. I think I'm gonna print them out and put them in my locker with my picture of Jon Foreman...


The boys leaving the stage!!

The entrance looks really cool right here...

We got to our hotel at 2 the next morning, so we slept in pretty late.

At about noon we decided to go hang out at Downtown Disney. I rocked my new Vice Verses tour tee and this really cute pair of shorts that I got the other day (They're originally from Charlotte Russe, but I got them at Plato's Closet for $2.50! STEAL!).
Saturday night I went with a group from school. The artists that night were good, but none compared to Switchfoot (I had never seen them live, and, since they're my favorites, I don't think anything could have topped them).
LOOK! Jesus Culture (minus Kim Walker-Smith )
My favorite band that played Saturday night was Relient K. I'd also never seen them live. I don't know all of their stuff (unlike Switchfoot, where I know every word to every song), but I knew enough that it was fun!
This is a picture I like to call
 "You can't tell, but Matthew Thiessen is too cool and too awesome and too hipster to wear shoes." 
 One of the best parts was that there were a bunch of youth groups who were all there to just have a good time, so everyone was very friendly.
However, friendliness turns into interesting pictures.

Here's one where Gabbi and I are taking a picture with Tom behind us, and some random guy photobombing us in the corner.

 I just noticed this.
Way to go random photobomb guy.
Way to go.
Sunday found me and the parents hanging out with some friends who live in Orlando, but we didn't get home until 11.
I had school at 8 this morning.
If you do the math, plus my AP Government test tomorrow, it factors out to be "I'm really tired".
So, my dear readers, have a lovely week!!
Question of the Post: Who's your favorite band? Why?

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