Sunday, September 15, 2013

Just Another Week in the Life...

I have a problem.
I think I enjoy editing pictures a tad bit too much.
This was made with one of the pictures I took last week of Switchfoot at RTU. I threw some lyrics from "This is Your Life" on it. This is currently my lock screen on my iPod :)

And while I can't take credit for taking this picture (let's face it- I would die if I was close enough to take this picture), I did put the lyrics to "Where I Belong" over it.
There ya go, a grand total of two pictures to try and prove that I have an editing problem.
If you've been following for a while, you've probably (hopefully) picked up on the fact that I wear glasses. Always. I have contacts, I just never wear them. I got them to wear during musicals.
It turns out that my glasses aren't exactly 1920s.
Who knew right?
So in order to work with our show theme this year, I'm starting to wear my contacts. I wore them to band practice Thursday night and I survived!!
I wore them all day on Friday, but I wore them too long and got a headache. :(
However, with the help of my good friend Advil, I got over it and went to the football game!
Since it was an away game, I had no band duties whatsoever! It was kinda fun, and I got to see one of our sister marching bands.

Me and Mom wearing our snazzy Northside shirts!
Do I understand football? Nope. Like, not at all.
Did I have fun? Yep.
Did I get to hand out with this cool kid? Definitely.

This is Bobbie. She's the little (one year younger) sister of my co-drum major. She's pretty awesome, and she's an amazing artist. Check out this awesome picture of Iron Man she drew:

Amazing, right?
So we have this thing every year where the whole staff of our school has to go to church at the church that runs our school, and since my mom works at the school, she had to go.
Plus, I was playing guitar in the worship band.
Cara (remember? My co-DM) played piano, Graham (her cousin) played bass guitar, Jazz (our drummer) played drums, and our illustrious band director, Mr. Farrell, sang.
We shamelessly took selfies upstairs.
Bobbie, Jazz, Brandon, Nikki, Cara, and me!
 (BTW I totally stole this picture from Cara's Instagram. So photocred to Cara)
It was actually pretty fun. And I get to see all those lovely faces again tomorrow morning at 8.
At least all my homework is done.
Our band is going to premiere our show at an away football game this week, so that should make for an interestingly fun post next weekend...
Well, have a wonderful Sunday and an amazing week!!
Question of the Post: Contacts or glasses?

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