Sunday, August 25, 2013

Back to School: Round 14: THE FINAL ROUND

That's right.
Last week, I started my 14th and final year of school.
Hello, Senior Year.

Story time? Duh!

My parents, my grandma and I have a tradition which involves us going to breakfast at Bob Evan's every year on the first day of school. We've been doing it since first grade kindergarten  I was very small.

Grandma and me!

This is Sara. She's been our waitress every year since we started.
And she happens to have an awesome name ;)
Me and Madre!!

The first day of school is only a half day, so it was pretty laid back. But the second day, us seniors left for Senior Retreat! (AKA Two days for us to come together as a class and establish that we're going to lead the school this year. (AKA Senior bonding time))

It was a lot of fun, and my mother (one of the chaperones who went with us) took many pictures, so here we go!!


Niiki and I found a see-saw.
Funness ensued.

That one game where you have to untangle yourselves.
The fabulous purple team successfully created two interlocking circles.


Kirsten and myself the next morning.
The next morning (Friday morning), we split up into groups to do a ropes course.

Moving together

Getting our strategy on
There was also a game room that we all enjoyed. Nikki and I found ourselves engaged in an epic game of extreme ping pong.
Miss Aucremann and Nikki intensely playing checkers.

Jen, Kirsten, Me, Nikki, and Cara
AKA The female officers of the Royal Ambassador Marching Band. :)

Class of 2014

Our theme for the retreat (and for the year) was We Are.
We are servants.
We are leaders.
We are forgiven.
We are loved.
We are Seniors.
The Class of 2014 has arrived.
School is officially back in session.
Until next time!!
You get a little me and a big me!!
First day of school, 2002 and 2013.



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