Saturday, August 10, 2013

Special Events.. BAND CAMP EDITION!! (Water, Prank, and Seniority!)

So a few days ago, I posted about a typical day at band camp.

However, I left out the not-so-typical stuff. AKA the Special Events.

We have two main special events at band camp. The first is the "top-secret" water ballon attack. At least it's supposed to be a secret... somehow the newbies always know about it...

There's always some cover story. Last year it was learning to march for a parade (we knew something was up there because we never do parades). This year, we were told that one of our instructors (who has been working with Legends Drum Corps this summer) wanted to teach us a new marching exercise. However, in order to teach it to us, we would have to transfer from our new practice field to the one we usually use on the other side of the camp.

On the way to the attack...
OF COURSE, the parents were waiting along the path with buckets of water ballons and sponges. As is tradition, we were ambushed, and the water balloon fight began.

Me battling with my battle tiara!
I also somehow end up getting a bucket of water dumped on my head every year.
Happened twice this year. Once from my dad, the other from my co-drum major.
Thanks guys.
The other special event was one that everyone gets to participate in once in their
years of marching band.
Senior Prank.
After our Friday night Ice Cream Social (which was modeled after a speakeasy this year), the Seniors traditionally use the night to wreak havoc across the camp. This year was our year, and havoc was indeed wreaked.
We had plans to prank the cabins, but we had TONS of time to kill before all the younglings went to sleep, so we hung out in the main pavillion!
Class of 2014 baby!!
We also wrapped up all the instruments and made a giant maze...
See that up at the top? Yep. That's Connor and Mark planking.

After it was dark enough (and late enough), we all headed out to the field. We disassembled the scaffolding, only to reassemble it... around a tree.
Graham, Taylor, and Nikki tearing apart the scaffolding.
Next on the list was the cabins... Kirsten and I were in charge of the younger girls cabin.
Red string everywhere!!!
We also wrapped all the bunks in red string.
And I may have put fake rats in a few girls' beds...
ANYWAYS, the staff was next on the list.
Now, these guys tried to be smart, so they locked the front door.
YAAY! They kept us out!!
Unfortunately for them, all of us have been in band for three years or more.
That means that we've been at band camp for three years or more.
Which means that we know how to get in through the back door.
Which no one thought to lock...
So after we felt like ninjas by sneaking in through the back door, we went to work.
Front walkway. It's like MARDI GRAS up in here!!
No laptop is safe! ESPECIALLY not my mother's!!!!
We also tied doorknobs together and threw red string all over the kitchen.
Then we silently snuck out and went to tag staff cars...
Mr. Farrell got a healthy reminder of what our show is this year...



And my dad's Jeep? DEFINITELY not safe.
My father, Mr. Cate, has been officially retitled "Mista Kate" by our band.
(Speaking of Mista Kate, he has a wifi blog! If you're into wifi like he is, go check it out!)
Did I just shamelessly promote my father's blog?
So at about 3:30 in the morning, we all finally went to sleep.
Only to wake up three hours later.
Jen, Kirsten, me and Nikki the next morning!
awww look!
Mista Kate is the proud parent of a drum major!
It was a good year.
It was a good prank.
It's going to be an awesome season.
Us with our awesome rebuilt scaffolding!!
So stay cool (especially if you're in the FLA... it's so hot down here!)
and always remember to be awesome!!
Question of the Post: What's the best prank you've ever done?

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