Saturday, July 6, 2013

Girls State!

I have now run a government.

Wait, what?
Oh yes.
Through the wonderful program known as Girls State, I got to go to Tallahassee with 299 other girls my age. Once there, we established and ran our own government.

I was assigned to the great city (read: hallway) of Ocoee on the fifth floor. Now this wouldn't be awful, but we weren't allowed to use the elevators. So we found ourselves climbing up and down five flights of stairs every morning, every night, and any time we wanted to go get a Diet Coke.

It truly was the hard-knock life for us. But at least we weren't on the seventh floor. Poor dears.
Meet my roommates, Mincy and Melissa. These two are crazy- crazy awesome, that is! They also decided that it would be a fun idea to steal my camera at lunch one day and take selfies. Well, here ya go girls!

Aren't we fabulous?
And the wonderful Ocoee flag!
One of the requirements for Girls State was that we had to write a bill that our Senate and House of Representatives would later vote on. I wrote mine on human trafficking, and while it didn't pass, awareness was raised! I got many of the girls to represent the End It movement with red Xs.

Another wonderful picture of the coolest roommates ever!
BEHOLD, the Supreme Court of Florida.
Because I was part of the judicial branch (I was a Supreme Court Marshal :D) I got to run around with 21 other lovely ladies!
And by running around... I mean sitting around.
Perks of the judicial branch: lots of down time!
(at least in Girls State terms!)
We got to tour the old Capitol building and I got a picture in the restored House of Representatives!
Me and Melissa taking late night selfies :)
Saloni, myself, and Alexis!
Mincy, Melissa and myself on the last night.
Ocoee Nationalists! Go Nats!!
When we got our room assignments, we also got assigned to a political party: Federalists or Nationalists. I was a Nationalist, and we were awesome. That is all.
To be honest, I didn't expect much out of Girls State. I'm a musician, not a politician (there's a reason for that), so I really wasn't expecting to have a great time.
Wow. I was wrong.
By the end of the week, I had gotten to meet dozens of the smartest girls in Florida. And I'm now deeply missing 25 of them. We're all crazy, we're all unique, we're all amazing,
and we're all going places.

Who knows? One of these girls may be the next president of the United States.
I'd say it's highly possible.
So that was the short version of my experience at Girls State. Now, it you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go miss my girls some more.
Shoutout to Ocoee, the best group of girls in the state!
             - SarahCate:D
Question of the Post: Got any Girls Staters out there???


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