Saturday, July 27, 2013

COLLECTIVE!!!! (and some other stuff)

Hi there!
Sorry about my absence the past few weeks. I've been meaning to blog, but I've been so busy!!
Last year, my beloved friends and I didn't have time to celebrate each others birthdays. We've got Jen's September birthday (right in the middle of marching band craziness), Kirsten's December birthday (Christmas prep and such), Nikki's January birthday (during All-State and All-County, and my birthday in April (during musical season). So we don't have time to celebrate our birthdays.
Enter the concept of Collective.
Collective is this grand concept we came up with where we all get together over the summer and have a giant collective birthday party!! We all get each other gifts and eat pizza and watch movies and it's wonderful.
Here we see Nikki, Kirsten, and Jen being their beautiful selves.
Yep. I have good taste in best friends :)
We had an Avengers movie marathon. I found this really cute idea on Pinterest and tried to
 recreate it!
Here's the original from Pinterest:
@Jennifer Clees @Kirsten Downs and Nikki: We're doing this.
And here's mine!!
 (Personally, I think mine is awesomer!)
Behold, here's a lovely shot I took of Nikki when she fell asleep during The Avengers.
(She doesn't know I took this so shhhhhhhh)

The Sunday after Collective, the Parents and I took a trip to the Magic Kingdom!

We found a brass band!

We also encountered some lovely rainstorms.
It's Florida. It's summer.
I expected nothing less.
OH and here's a picture of how Kirsten wrapped this giant awesome poster she gave me. So you know, it's a wonderful subtle reference to Olan Rogers' video Ghost In The Stalls.

And this is why we're best friends. Packaging references to some of our favorite videos :)
I was home all by my lonesome the other day, and there's not much in the fridge right now.
However, we did have a head of iceberg lettucs and some frozen teryaki chickens, so I made lettuce teryaki wraps. They were amaaaazing!
And all I had to do was use the microwave. :)
Ah, but my craziness never stops!!
I got to go hang with my dearly graduated Emily the other night! I took my guitar and she has a piano at her house, so we sang lovely duets from Phantom of the Opera and Les Mis!
Oh and we made cupcakes :)

We've decided that we're going to open a bakery and we shall call it "Music Ed Majors Baking Things" (it's a working title).

On a totally random note, did you know that Starbucks has a bunch of "secret" drinks?
I've heard of the Starbucks secret menu, but I've never tried anything on it before.
However, Kirsten has been raving about the cotton candy frappucino for months. I was at Starbucks yesterday and decided to give it a try.

It's not a favorite (I love my caramel frap too much!), but I definitely recommend trying it! Order a Vanilla Bean Frapp with one pump of raspberry in it. (Kirsten says to get it without whip.)
After enjoying my Starbucks deliciousness, I got to go see Emily leading a bunch of small children in a musical! She's been assisting with their musical camp and was excited to be the student director!
You did great, Ems!!

I have to get back to packing, since I LEAVE FOR BAND CAMP TOMORROW!!!
I'm excited but sad, as this is my last band camp. :(
BUT I'm thrilled to see our show start to come together! It's going to be awesome!!
So, see you all again in a week!!!
Question of the Post: If you were to open a bakery with a friend, what would you call it and why?

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