Sunday, May 26, 2013

Come, let us sing together

Because I am officially done with my Junior year of high school! 
I know right? It's amazing!
I've actually been done for a week, but graduation was only two nights ago.
So let's rewind to Monday, shall we?

How did I start my first day off? By sleeping in (until 6:45) and making two-ingredient pancakes!

Yum, right?
I put some natural peanut butter on top and mmmmmmmm I was happy!
Fast forward two days.
Me, Cara (a friend of mine), and Cuz (my lovely-with-child choir director) loaded up in her mini van and headed over to West Palm Beach!
Now, that's a boring 4 hour ride right there.
Good thing I put Pride and Prejudice on in iBooks.

Seriously, this book never gets old! I always find it a tad hard to read, but the story is sooo worth it!
After we got there, we threw our stuff in our hotel room and went to dinner. We had Thai for dinner, and met Cuz's roommate from college.

(Cuz also finds it entertaining that I take pictures of random things. And her.)

After dinner we decided to do some "research" at the movie theater.
We saw The Great Gatsby. It was "research" because our marching band show for this year is the 1920s! But more about that later...


The movie was really good, but it was late when we got out. We hit our beds back at the hotel and went to sleep.

The next morning we woke up... eventually. We were staying at an Embassy hotel, so we had custom made omlettes for breakfast! I put onions, tomatoes, and cheese in mine. It was officially delicious. :)
Then it was on to the college search!
This time it was Palm Beach Atlantic University. Cuz graduated from there, so she (of course) helped give us the tour!

My own parking spot! But Cara had her own too and we kinda found hers first :)

For lunch we went to a local Cuban cafe. We all got Cuban sandwiches and banana milkshakes. They were amazing.

We then drove by (but didn't go to) the beach! 
I took a picture of the beach. (Hang on this is going somewhere I swear)
Then I put it in this lovely app called Snapspeed and did THIS to it...
Then put it into the Photolettering app and threw some Switchfoot lyrics onto it!

Voila! My current background!!
Awesome, right?
Okay, so back to the band show and such.
So at the end of my last post I asked your opinion on drum majors...
Well, that's because I knew something that I couldn't exactly post here yet.
But I can now!
Cara and I are both drum majors for our band!
So this was a college trip/drum major bonding trip. And it was much fun!

Look! More picture editing!
I made myself a smoothie the next day.
We had been talking about smoothies in the van on the ride home, so I was kinda craving a smoothie.

We also listened to the soundtrack for The Drowsy Chaperone. It's a really good (and really funny) musical. If you like fun musicals, you should check it out.

Behold: a totally random picture of me and Nikki showing some Twin Love to each other.

Now onto the fun stuff of last night:
Tom and I went to see Aaron Gillespie. Formerly of Underoath and currently of The Almost, he also leads worship in his free time. And that's what he did last night.
How cool is Aaron? So cool that he tears down and sets up his own stuff!

Oh and then we got a picture with Aaron.


(Cue fangirlish screaming)
:D :D :D
Guess who's really happy about this?

Well, now you're all caught up! I'm free now, so I WILL be updating more often!
Until then, DFTBA and look at this awesome picture of Nikki, Cara and me!


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