Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Finals Week!!

Happy Finals Week!!!
We have band finals this coming Saturday, which means that this is the last week of marching band season :(
So here's a recap of the last few weeks!!
Two Fridays ago we had our last home football game, and band Senior night. Senior night is always sad, because it's the last time the seniors perform the show in full uniform on the field. We have a ceremony in the band room before the game and all the seniors get flowers and a framed picture. Our band director chooses a Bible verse that best fits our class, then he picks one that best fits us personally. My band director has known me and a few other seniors since we were really small, so there may have been a few tears.
Me and Mom!

Senior flowers!

Sadly, we lost our last home game.
BUT we had a band competition the next day!

I walked into the bathroom to go do my makeup and I find one of our guard girls like this...

Mista Cate!
At the competition*, we performed right behind the largest band in the county.

*It's not really a competition. It's our annual Musical Performance Assesment, where all the bands in the county are given a score from Poor to Superior.

Mi familia!!

We got straight Superiors, which is the best possible rating!! It means that all the judges thought we were really good :)

Enjoy a bunch of random snapshots from my week:
Pre-Chapel antics. Jordan doesn't like selfies.

I thought I looked really cute one day!!

Did I make black bean soup? Heck yes!!!
I made All-State Women's Choir! This was the picture I sent my friends to tell them the news!
We had a Jazz Band gig Friday night. It was a dinner and dance in honor of veterans, so they wanted a band to play swing music!
Myself, Claire, Jacob, and Taylor hanging around before the gig!
Claire and I went into the bathroom and found a shower. Not even in its own area: The shower was inside one of the stalls. Clearly, taking a picture was the only logical plan of action.
I loved my view from the stage! We got to watch all the old couples dancing!!
Finally, this is what I wore to church today! It had been a while since I'd rocked the dress and tights combo, so I thought today was a good day to wear it!! Plus, this Florida girl will take any excuse to dress like it's fall!!


So happy Finals week! Hopefully the next post will bring good news!!!


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