Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Why hello!
Dear readers, please mark this as the day that you learned not to trust me when I say I'll blog again on Monday. It is now Thursday. Shame upon me, I know.
Hey, you try taking 2 AP classes and a Dual Credit while trying to blog about it.
It makes things interesting, to say the least.
ANYWAYS, I promised pictures from Jen's guard competition. Here you go!
 This is our A Guard, the one Jen (and a bunch of other cool kids!) are in. Their show this year is "Pay It Forward" (yes, like the movie) and it's all about doing good things for people without expecting anything in return. It's really cool and really good.
By the way, they got first at their competition this weekend. So did our middle school guard.
Yay A and B Guard!!!

Kirsten, Brent, and Tom all showed up to support the guard too!
And of course, the totally fab trio:

Now I get to introduce you to one of my favorite things in the world: Mookie's Kettle Corn.

(cue angelic sounds)

This is seriously the best stuff ever. They come around during marching band season, and pretty much the entire band freaks when we see them. They make their kettle corn FRESH. ON SITE. IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. So it's all nice and warm! Their prices are really good too. Only 6 bucks for a huge bag.

*sigh* Ah, Mookie's.

So after guard finished, me and the Parental Units had to hit the road because we had tickets to a Chris Tomlin concert. The concert started at 7, but we got there at 5, and the doors didn't open until 6.
So we just kinda hung out in the car and ate dinner. I decided to chill out in the trunk. It's pretty roomy back there.
(My view)
Only problem with hanging out in the trunk? I had trouble getting out.
I may or may not have gotten stuck...
That's right. Me and my mom have matching shirts. That we wear in public.
The concert started with Kari Jobe, who, by the way, has this awesomley amazing voice. Don't believe me? Go look up her stuff on YouTube.
Also, she has the cutest puppie ever named Hippie.
And then there was a disco ball. And a DJ.
How many Christian concerts do you go to where they have a disco ball and a DJ?
Not many, right?
It was pretty awesome. Go check it out here.
Here was the arena it was in. It seems small when it's lit, but it's larger than it seems. Out seats were on this level, but directly in front of the stage.
On Sunday we started planning for our road trip. The Parents both had their laptops, and what did I get? A map, some paper, and a pen. Low-tech for the win!!
So yesterday in Physics we made ice cream, and then in Spanish we had chips (with salsa, guacamole, and queso) and did Zumba!
My friend's mom teaches Zumba (apparently), so she came in and taught us some dances.
It's so much fun!
Me and Nikki were working up a sweat, and my legs still hurt. But it's the good kind of pain, the "yay I actually did some exercise!" pain.
So, yeah, that's about all for now.
Stay awesome!
Question of the Post: Mountains, beach, or snow?

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