Friday, December 27, 2013

Twas the month before Christmas...

Merry Christmas to all!!!

I've been rather busy this past month, so I hope that your holidays were merry!!

The month started off with a bang! We had not one but TWO performances of our Christmas concert!!!

No concert is complete without Starbucks!!
It was so much fun! And it was my last Christmas concert with my band :(
I have such a beautiful twin!!!
Also, I got my bangs trimmed and my hair cut and layered!!
This was my attempt at straightening it...
The holiday season obviously entails gifts, so my girls all got nail polish and Christmas socks!!
"For your mistle toes!!"
The last week of school we had Christmas sweater day. Mine had penguins trimming a tree!!

Our choir was selected to sing at Disney's Candlelight processional! Afterwards, we got to play around Epcot! Kirsten's birthday was the next day, so obviously we hung out!!
Me and the Birthday girl!!
But of course we were not alone! Our friend McKayla and my voice teacher Joy made a wonderfully fun group of 4!!!
McKayla, Kir, Joy and myself!
No trip to Disney would be complete without being on a broken down ride! We got stuck for about five minutes.
Look! There's a ghost over my shoulder!!
The fireworks were awesome, as usual.

My parents and I stayed in a hotel instead of going back to school, because we were going to Hollywood Studios the next day!!!

Mom loves looking at the Osborne Family Lights there, so we watched them dance!!
If you haven't been, you should definitely go. They're amazing!

We actually had a church to attend on Christmas Eve this year, so we went and enjoyed a lovely candlelight service.
Christmas Eve outfit!
And naturally, milk and cookies were left for you-know-who...

So Christmas was quite fantastic! I hope that yours was just as wonderful!!!

Until next time


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