Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Touring The World, Part Two

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm an awful person. TOTALLY meant to do Part Two of this trip about a day after I posted Part One. Well, eleven days later, I'm baaaaack!!!
It may not seem that long to you guys, but it does to me.

Monday, March 25

We had breakfast at our hotel before heading over to Liberty for our campus tour.

Am I a Future Champion For Christ? Maybe!!
A lovely Instagram shot of my brochure and hot chocolate :)
Some really cool frozen fountain outside the learning center. I thought it looked cool.
The tour was awesome! We got to go to Convocation (which is their term for Chapel) and James Brown from CBS Sports was the speaker that day!! It was awesome.
Blah Blah Blah traveling, I'll spare you the boring details.
Tuesday, March 26
Another day of traveling!!!
Yeah, so exciting. I know. BUT It was totally neccesary. Thank the Lord for Starbucks, right?
White Chocolate Espresso. That's what I'm talking about!!

That night we made it to Upland, Indiana: Our second tour stop.
Wednesday, March 27
Another college day!! This time we were touring Taylor University.
I know a few people (my parents included) who are alumni of the school, so of course it would be on my list!! When we walked into the welcome center, they had this really cool wall...
That was a giant blackboard!!! They wrote the names of all the people touring on the board.
Now is that awesome or what??
I think it is.
The tour was great, but since it was Spring Break for them too, there was no one on campus. :(
Thursday, March 28
Yet another day full of traveling. We somehow managed to make it back to my aunt and uncle's house in time for dinner... THAT is what we call mad driving skills, ladies and gentlemen!!!
Or insanity.
You can choose.
Behr, in all his massive Golden Retriever splendor, got to be my footrest for a few minutes.
Thank you Behr!!
Some of the free swag stuff I got from colleges.
I almost used the word swag on my blog.
The apocalypse is coming soon.
I'm sorry.
Friday, March 29
Today was Dad's actual birthday!!! YAAAAY Dad!!!
So we celebrated it with... MORE DRIVING!!!!!
... No.
Ah, behold the traffic trying to head back to the North. A perk of living in the South= Spring Break traffic goes the opposite way!
Then One, Two, Skip a few...
Saturday, March 30
...Ninety-Nine- WE'RE HOME!!!!
So much excitement!!
It's a lot of fun to take a long trip and see people.
But it always feels good to be back at home.



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